Spencer County, Indiana Regional Business Services Center

The Business Service Center is being established as a resource for business training, planning, start-up, financing, marketing, and all aspects of business operation. The center will provide referrals, personal consultations, workshops, and training programs for existing and proposed businesses, as well as for individuals considering entrepreneurial ventures. Increasing economic pressures are forcing businesses to assess and re-assess their operations. Demand for the center abounds from unyielding instability in the global, national, and local economies. That instability demands extremely flexible management, and frequent re-invention of most business models.  Businesses and entrepreneurs are hard pressed to keep up with the rate of change impacting them. Yet there is very limited access in remote rural areas to the very information and training required to keep up with changes in business. Check out the local news coverage - click here.

The Business Service Center clients will be industrial management position holders, stockholders, existing and potential business owners, officers and entrepreneurs. They are expressing needs for business resources through our recent responses to surveys, strategic planning sessions, and community-wide forums. There are no other providers in this county. The nearest Indiana SBDC is in Evansville. There is no SCORE or USDA-Rural Development office in this county.  Potential clients do not know where to find those distant offices, and they do not have the extra time necessary to travel to those distant locations for initial and follow-up appointments.  It is much easier for a local client to attend an appointment at this Center’s location, and the needed follow-ups are much more likely to occur if available here locally. Also, personnel from the distant SBDC or other resources recognize this Center, and will schedule meetings at this designated Business Service Center for confidential consultations, where appropriate space and technology is provided. The Business Service Center provides a safe, neutral, non-threatening environment where business needs can be met, and referrals can be made, outside of usual workplace distractions or prying ears. Our rural residents seek close-contact, ongoing assistance in starting and operating businesses. Entrepreneurship training is provided through well-developed modules regarding every aspect of start-up through operation, as well as exit strategies. 

Jim Edwards, Peter Tullis, Bobby Clark,
Paul Medcalf, Tom Utter and Karen Koch

The Center is in the second floor of the Spencer County Bank’s headquarters building at the heart of Santa Claus, Indiana.  It is the community’s most prominent structure, with plenty of parking. The Service Center is the only occupant of the entire second floor.  The 1,500 square foot area allows space for seminars, private offices and consultation areas. The building is modern, professional and attractive. Its large second floor is open, and can be configured as needed. Santa Claus, Indiana is in the heart of the region’s rural area of need.  It is easily accessible from Spencer, Perry, Dubois, Pike and Warrick counties and Owensboro-Daviess County, Kentucky.

Resources for the Business Service Center include, but are not limited to, Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation; the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce; the Spencer County Regional Chamber of Commerce; Sustainable Business Ventures; Tools for Business Success; Indiana Small Business Development Centers; Indiana Economic Development Corporation; USDA Rural Development; Indiana 15 Region Planning Commission; IDEM; IDNR; IOSHA; representatives of ADA, EEO; Indiana Dept of Revenue; IRS; Purdue University; Indiana University; University of Southern Indiana; University of Evansville; Oakland City University; Ivy Tech and others.