Welcome to SB Ventures

Sustainable Business Ventures Corporation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that is a social enterprise with a primary focus on helping difficult-to-to employ individuals create their own jobs through self-employment and helping people in rural America.  SBV is working with partners to seek funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for Green Entrepreneur Training in West Liberty and surrounding coal impacted counties in Kentucky and eastern Tennessee. SBV is working with county and community leaders in the Four River Counties of Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman and Fulton Counties in far western Kentucky. SBV has partnered with the Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation in Spencer County Indiana to establish a Small Business Services Center in the Spencer County Bank in Santa Claus, IN. Check out the August 10, 2010, Interview on WFPL/NPR State of Affairs show that provides an excellent view of SBV's initial focus: click here

Entrepreneur Resources

The Kentucky Entrepreneurial Network (KEN) is an Ad Hoc group that is working with stakeholders to design, implement and interpret results of a study examining the resources available for entrepreneurial companies in Kentucky.  After the study is implemented we will develop a list of recommendations to be presented

The Appalachian Research Commission supports a variety of activities to promote entrepreneurship and business development in the Appalachian Region.

A social enterprise is an organization or initiative that marries the social mission of a non-profit or government program with the market-driven approach of a business. Bobby Clark serves as an officer on the board of the Social Enterprise Alliance - KY Chapter.

SBV is proud of its affiliates and partners that share our values. Bobby Clark, Founder and President of SBV is also the co-founder of Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise, LLC.